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A highly effective floor cleaner and odor eliminator concentrate. FLOR™ is an eco-friendly and safer, concentrated alternative, to traditional synthetic and chemical floor cleaners. 

It is enriched with beneficial ‘good’ (probiotic) bacteria, naturally sourced from plants. The helpful probiotics clean more than visible dirt: They inhibit the harmful bacteria that cause infections without causing them to mutate or develop resistance. This helps reduce the risk of common bacterial infections – including E. coli, Campylobacter and Staphylococcus Aureus. 

Regularly cleaning with FLOR™ builds healthier and more protective ecological conditions and restores natural microbial balance (a healthy microbiome). It also prevents antimicrobial resistance. 

The good bacteria in our hard floor cleaning liquid work in a natural, mechanical way that continues to work after application, so results are longer lasting. 


•    The concentrated formula is economical as well as eco-friendly
•    Naturally creates a healthier microbial environment
•    Reduces the risk of infections and removes dirt and unpleasant odors
•    Keeps working between applications for better cleaning results
•    Improves hygiene by cleaning more than visible dirt
•    Switching to FLOR™ also reduces bio-allergens, including dust mite feces, animal dander, pollen, and fungal spores, as well as organic dirt. This improves allergy management in both humans and pets.


The helpful probiotics in our hard floor cleaning liquid also actively eliminate organic sources of unpleasant odors, which removes the need for chemical air fresheners to mask smells. 

Ingredients are naturally sourced, chemical-free, non-polluting, non-irritating, non-carcinogenic, non-toxic, and quickly biodegradable. FLOR™ is a heavy-duty floor cleaner that is safe for long term use by cleaning operatives. 


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SKU: 671253175371
    • FLOR™ is a buffered and preserved aqueous solution containing surfactants, builders, stabilized enzymes, and naturally occurring probiotics
    • Safe for use on all types of floors and hard surfaces that are not damaged by water-based cleaners
    • Stringent production standards ensure quality and purity
    • Available in 1 Gallon, 5 Gallon, 55 Gallon, 275 Gallon Concentrate
    • Yield: 1 Gallon Concentrate: 16 to 64 Gallons RTU (heavy soil: 16 gallons; medium soil: 32 gallons; light soil: 64 gallons)
    • Use as directed on product label

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