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A RTU liquid which combines a unique bio-based chemistry and application-specific formulation to offer a proven, innovative, and effective long-term approach to odor control. 


•    Superior formulation with focus on complete odor elimination
•    Unique odor encapsulation technology binds and traps odors immediately
•    Optimized proprietary bacterial consortium degrades a broad spectrum of substrates
•    Biological action removes odors at source against a wide range of odors
•    Product is readily biodegradable and safe for users and the environment


This unique combination has been proven to provide highly effective and long-term odor control in both laboratory and field applications, including: 


•    Urine and washroom odors
•    Spoiled food products such as milk
•    Fish and fish oils
•    Cigarette smoke
•    Other odorous chemical compounds such as volatile fatty acids, ammonia, mercaptans and hydrogen sulfide
•    Dumpsters and garbage pails
•    Water treatment plants


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  • The application-specific bacteria in DLETE™ produce enzymes that degrade organic matter in the application area, allowing them to both break down and neutralize existing malodors and prevent malodor formation over time. DLETE™ was developed and produced using Genesis Biosciences technology. 

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